how to prepare your digital files for a meeting

Instructions for Processing Submitted Photos

Download PDF "Guidelines for submitting photo for monthly meeting critique and PSOC Photo Gallery hosted on SmugMug." (click here)

1. This document provides the information needed to process submitted photo files to be shown during club meetings. Similar steps can be used regardless of the photo editing software used. 

2. This procedure was written to fulfill club guidelines in the following areas:
- photo format - .jpg
- photo file naming instructions (see 5 below),
- photo size – resize images to 1,000 pixels maximum in height or width (whichever is larger)
- title photo – you may submit a title photo in addition to your field trip and assignment photos.

3. A title photo can be created by making a copy of the jpg image and then using the text tool available in your editing software.

4. Email the resized images to

5. Photo files should be named beginning with the photographer's first, middle and last initials followed by the number zero and the number of the photo submitted. For example, if your name was David Evans and you were submitting 4 photos, they would be named as follows: DJE01, DJE02, DJE03 and DJE04.Your title photo should be the “01”, the lowest number.

Send your digital files for the meeting to the Photo Show Coordinator at

Need help with your digital files?

If you need help with sizing or sending your digital files? Contact the Photo Show Coordinator.