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D. Anderson

History of the PSOC

The PSOC was started in 1992 by Leroy Hannon and Martha Blake. They took a photography class at Cypress College and decided to form the club in order to stay connected through photography. Initially, there were approximately seven members, but that grew steadily to about 60 Members. At that point, Member Will Abbott created the club's first website. This website helped the PSOC grow to almost 200 Members. The club gradually changed its focus from film to digital images, while continuing the format of monthly field trips, assignments and supportive critique designed for learning and improvement. The once a month meeting was augmented in 2011 with the addition of a second meeting called the Educational Network S (LENS) meeting. Throughout the years, Members such as Mike Whitmore, Kurt Bayless, Connie Terry, Charlie Hunt, Dan Anderson, Deborah Anne Konyak, and many others, have contributed as dedicated volunteers to keep the club's learning and social culture its focus.

Throughout our history, emphasis has been on learning and perfecting our craft while enjoying friendships with other photographers.

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PSOC Information

PSOC Membership

Membership is open to anyone interested in photography. All are welcome. Current membership includes a range of experience that includes both beginners to the hobby and also working professionals.

Membership dues are $40 per calendar year ($50 for a couple/family), payable in January. Dues for members who join after June 1st are $20/$25 for that year only. Members who join after October 31 can pay $40/$50 full-year dues and it will carry them over for the entire subsequent year.

Membership details are available at link.

Questions About Membership Membership Application


The club has a one-day field trip each month to a location selected for photographic potential. We also have two weekend field trips each year in the spring and fall (usually staying Thursday, Fri & Saturday nights).  The locations for these weekend trips can be as close as San Diego or as far away as the east coast. Field trip locations and all activities are published in the newsletter and on the annual calendar. (go to calendar).

Carpooling is encouraged as a way for members to get to know each other better.

Carpooling Map

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2023 Field Trips

Please be advised that Field Trip flyers are published in the prior month's Newsletter.
Field Trips are subject to change without notice.

Jan 28th

Field Trip Flyer

Old Towne Ornage (Sat)

Feb 19th

Field Trip Flyer

Getty Museum (Sun)

March 25th

Field Trip Flyer

Los Angeles Zoo (Sat)

April 15th

Field Trip Flyer

Japanese Garden (Sat)

May 20th

L.A. Arboretum Field Trip Flyer Monterey/Carmel Field Trip Flyer

L.A. Arboretum (Sat)
May 4 - 7 Over Night Monterey - Carmel

June 24th

Field Trip Flyer

Belmont Shore/Alamitos Bay/Naples (Sat)

July 29th

Field Trip Flyer

PSOC Picnic (Sat)

Aug Field Moved to Sep 2nd

Field Trip Flyer

Huntington Beach Civil War Reenactment (Sat)

Sep 16th

Field Trip Flyer

San Diego Seaport Village (via train) (Sat)

Oct 18th

Newport Back Bay Field Trip Flyer Sedona AZ Field Trip Flyer

Newport Back Bay (Wed)
Oct 5-8 Overnight Sedona AZ

Nov 18th

Field Trip Flyer

Shoreline Village, Long Beach(Sat)

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