Members Helping Members Program

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There are many ways members help other members of the club. This program provides a more formal means to provide and receive photography help that will improve your craft and your art. It is designed to:

  • Provide means to help members by mentoring of other members

  • Lift the skills and techniques of members

  • Cover all phases from image capture, development and display

  • Provide an enjoyable learning experience
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    1. Identify member volunteers, via Mentor Application, who are willing to share their knowledge with individuals and workshop groups. Submit application to Program Coordinator, Charlie Hunt, CEAHUNT@MSN.COM, Subject: PSOC MHMP Mentor expectations:

  • Be available for meetings with identified individual(s) and answer questions or provide assistance and feedback as required.

  • Conduct small group workshops were individuals’ needs are similar

  • Be available, if needed, for monthly field trips which could be ideal for helping

  • 2. PSOC members (Mentee) who would like to have assistance in specific areas of their art complete the Mentee Application. Submit to Program Coordinator, Charlie Hunt, CEAHUNT@MSN.COM, Subject: PSOC MHMP

    3. Program Coordinator along with Mentors will match individuals according to needs or determine where small group workshop maybe effective.

    Guidelines for matching:

  • Skill sets and knowledge matched to members’ needs

  • 4. The duration of a mentoring connection will be up to the individuals involved. Those being mentored are expected to be respectful of the mentor’s time and availability. Mentoring can be provided either one-on-one or in a small group/workshop setting, at the discretion of the mentor. Suggested meeting locations/times:
  • Before or after LENS or General Meetings

  • Prearranged locations where skills can be discussed (Parks, Libraries, Restaurants)

  • Monthly Field trips

  • Spring and/or Fall Trips

  • Planned workshops

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