Members Helping Members Program

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There are many ways members help other members of the club. This program provides a more formal means to provide and receive photography help that will improve your craft and your art. It is designed to:

  • Provide means to help members by mentoring of other members

  • Lift the skills and techniques of members

  • Cover all phases from image capture, development and display

  • Provide an enjoyable learning experience
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    1. Identify member volunteers, via Mentor Application, who are willing to share their knowledge with individuals and workshop groups. Submit application to Program Coordinator, Charlie Hunt, CEAHUNT@MSN.COM, Subject: PSOC MHMP Mentor expectations:

  • Be available for meetings with identified individual(s) and answer questions or provide assistance and feedback as required.

  • Conduct small group workshops were individuals’ needs are similar

  • Be available, if needed, for monthly field trips which could be ideal for helping

  • 2. PSOC members (Mentee) who would like to have assistance in specific areas of their art complete the Mentee Application. Submit to Program Coordinator, Charlie Hunt, CEAHUNT@MSN.COM, Subject: PSOC MHMP

    3. Program Coordinator along with Mentors will match individuals according to needs or determine where small group workshop maybe effective.

    Guidelines for matching:

  • Skill sets and knowledge matched to members’ needs

  • 4. The duration of a mentoring connection will be up to the individuals involved. Those being mentored are expected to be respectful of the mentor’s time and availability. Mentoring can be provided either one-on-one or in a small group/workshop setting, at the discretion of the mentor. Suggested meeting locations/times:
  • Before or after LENS or General Meetings

  • Prearranged locations where skills can be discussed (Parks, Libraries, Restaurants)

  • Monthly Field trips

  • Spring and/or Fall Trips

  • Planned workshops

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    Mentee Application

    A Mentee is simply someone that desires to receive help directly from an experienced fellow club Member to make significant improvements in an aspect of creating their best images. The Mentee kicks off the process by filling out the Mentee form and then submitting it.

    Get Mentee Application.

    Mentor Application

    The Mentor becomes a part of the generous PSOC Mentor community by completing, and then submitting, the Mentor form. That generous Member then works with the Mentorship Chairman to arrange a pairing with a Member that has requested help to become a better photographer.

    Get Mentor Application